How does TalkRemit?s Refer a Friend scheme work?

TalkRemit?s Refer a Friend scheme is currently unavailable

The referral program was a big success and enjoyed by many of our customers. Unfortunately, some transactions went against the terms of the promotion, and in these particular cases, we were not able to offer a referral bonus.

After careful consideration, we decided to withdraw the promotional offer for referrals and discontinue the program, as was our right as stated in our terms & conditions.

We investigated suspicious transactions and potential misuse of our promotion. For those that were cleared, transfers were allowed to go through and referral bonuses applied to user accounts. Where transactions and referrals were found to have gone against our program?s terms & conditions, funds were returned to the individuals and bonuses were not applied. Accounts that were persistently in breach of the rules were subsequently blocked.

It?s a shame that the misuse of our promotion by a few users has prevented most of our customers enjoying this great promotion. However, we really appreciate our loyal customers and we have some great new offers on the way. So, watch this space...

If you have any queries about the referral program, bonuses from the promotion or any transactions while the Refer a Friend scheme was in operation, please reach out to our friendly support team by heading to our Contact Page.