We offer a number of services, depending on the country you are sending to.

Bank account

We process your transfer to the bank account details you provide when you create your transaction. Please note that it can take a few days for the payment to clear into the account, depending on your beneficiary's bank.

Cash pick up

When you create your transaction you select where you'd like your recipient to collect their money. Once the transaction is successfully created you will receive an email and SMS with the cash pick up reference. your recipient can go to branch and collect their payment with their ID and the reference that you share with them. The ID requirements vary by payout partner, please check locally.

Mobile money

The transaction is sent directly to your beneficiary's mobile money account on the mobile number you provided whilst making the transaction. Your beneficiary will receive a notification from their mobile money provider when the money is credited.

NOTE: Whilst we guarantee the conversion rate we offer on our website or app when you create the transaction, the exact amount you sent can only be assured if the recipient collects funds in the currency you, as the customer, selected. If the recipient chooses to change the currency when collect the cash pick up, then the payout agency will apply a currency conversion rate, and we do not have control over this. Similarly, if you send a bank transfer payment and the bank account is not in the currency you selected during your transaction, then the beneficiary's bank will convert the amount at their own rate.