Because of government-enforced restrictions on movement and stay-at-home orders in different countries, using cash collection and in-person remittance services becomes tricky. Using an online or mobile money transfer service ( like TalkRemit is the ideal way to get money to those who need it without having to leave your house.

Take a look at the details and advice about individual countries and their situation right now during the coronavirus pandemic on the World Health Organisation’s website country search page.(

Therefore, the best and safest way to transfer money abroad right now is sending funds to bank accounts or mobile wallets, where possible. Check the payout options available for the country you’re sending money to in your TalkRemit account when creating a transfer.

If you have to send money to cash pick-up locations abroad, we advise you to check with your recipient about the current restrictions in their country and whether their local collection venue is still operating.

However, many of our members use TalkRemit to send money to cash pick-up locations abroad. In this worrying time, you may have concerns about your recipients abroad and their safety when doing cash collections at their end. Or this may just not be possible for them, depending on their country’s government response and restrictions.