When you send a large amount or you request to increase the limit of your account, we need to verify how you got the money that you are sending. 

We do this by asking you to provide documents that show your Source of Funds.

Here are some examples of documents that we might ask for, depending on where your money comes from. 


These are just examples, we could ask for other documents that aren't listed here.


Here are some examples of documents you could use:

  • 3 months of bank statements showing salary on it.
  • your latest tax return.


If your money comes from a loan, we might ask to see documents that show:

  1. the amount you borrowed
  2. the date you received the money
  3. the name of the lender
  4. the address of the lender
  5. the purpose of the loan

Here are some examples of documents you could use:

  • extracts from your loan agreement
  • 3 months of loan statements
  • bank statements showing you received the money
  • any other proof