Make sure the information on your document matches your TalkRemit account.  Important identity information, like your name, address, or date of birth must match exactly.

If any of your details need updating you can contact customer service

Double-check the expiration dates on your ID. If it’s expired, we can't accept it. 

Date of issue for documents like utility bills or bank statements must be within the previous 3 months.

Make sure all four corners are visible and nothing is in the way when you take a photo of a document or ID. This is especially important when sending us full page documents. We need to see the whole page, not just a portion of it.

If we ask for a bank statement, that means we need to make you’ve got enough money in your account for your transfer. So, double check that the statement has the balance to cover the transfer.

Confirm the document is readable and nothing is blurry. If we can’t read it, we can’t use it.